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Photo Tours seen on the site and led by our experts function more then 10 years now. After four decades of making photos and being blessed with some creative magic, I am reaching out to you with the aim of helping you create some of your own photo magic. While pursuing adventures to many corners of this globe it’s clear to me many people also want to do the same thing that I’ve had the fortune of doing most of my life. I know that life gets in the way of life, but life is short, you must make some of your dreams a reality!

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I am blessed to know many fine people in the adventure travel and photographic world. I have shot for editorial and commercial clients and am represented by a few stock agencies.


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Feel free to contact me by any means available.
I respond personally to every enquiry!


Feel free to contact me by any means available.
I respond personally to every enquiry!

Sergio Ballivian


I am often contacted by friends and colleagues asking to have a print made from images seen on this website or in my main photography website.  Thank you for inquiring and I am honored by your interest.  I offer two options of high-quality printing process when ordering any fine art prints.  All prints are measured in inches and the paper size is the actual paper size that the image gets printed on that are always borderless. If you require a white border, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Photo tours fine arts print 1
*refferal image
Photo tours fine arts print 1
*refferal image


If you are interested in licensing images from Sergio Ballivian the following links will take you to various stock portals where you can search and view images easily and license immediately. If you have a specific need, please contact us directly and we will do our best to make your image search as easy as possible.
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