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This is what people say about our photo tours and services…


“Sergio was instrumental, in fact essential, in helping me document the Atacama Desert in Chile and Bolivia for National Geographic Magazine. This was one of the most logistically difficult places I’ve ever had to work, yet somehow Sergio made each day pass seamlessly. We made some amazing pictures together.”

Joel Sartore,
Contributing Photographer, National Geographic Magazine

Note from Sergio: I worked with Joel for close to three months (one for prep, and 2 month-long trips) on the Atacama story for Nat Geo, then I spent one month with the writer Priit Vesilind when he went there to write the story and I spent three weeks on my own scouting and prepping for Joel’s arrival. It’s hard to believe I had so much fun eating sand for so long.

Private photo tour: November 12-20, 2011

Hi Sergio,
Thank you very much for this and the other emails with suggestions as to what I should undertake next – photography-wise.
Yes, it was a great trip and I got a lot out of it – it will take some time to put what I learned into practice so I am not rushing out to undertake anything dramatic – yet! There are a few excellent images from the trip and will be entering them into some of the upcoming competitions. I certainly will make sure people know about what is available in Bolivia. There are several people I know for whom the appeal would be that it is somewhat off the beaten track. It would be great if you could make it to Toronto sometime. I mentioned to my wife that one conclusion from the trip was that I had obviously become confused by all the conflicting photography information I picked up from the Camera Club. Her response “J,B. I’ve been telling you that for years!”


Note from Sergio: The last line was about me, Sergio, correcting a lot of misunderstood or plainly incorrect photographic information that spreads among people, kinda like a virus in kindergarten, so that Brian could actually understand what is fact and what is fiction. Brian lives in Toronto, but lived for many years in La Paz, Bolivia helping to design some of the roads into the Amazon, which we visited on this trip!

Private adventure/photo tour to Madidi N.P., Chalalan Lodge, Lake Titicaca, Salar de Uyuni and Potosi: Oct 22 – Nov 6, 2011

I again want to say thanks for the terrific photo lessons for Diane and myself. You are a patient and gifted teacher, and made the complex understandable. You can quote me on that. It will make Christmas shopping far easier for a few years, if a bit more expensive. Good luck with you endeavors.

Best, JH

Note from Sergio: John and Diane are really keen photographers and I knew they really wanted to make better pictures while on the trip. I made sure we began with photography 101 and moved up quickly. They were shooting jpg in automatic modes at the beginning, but after the trip, they were shooting RAW format, setting the shutter-speed and aperture manually and really had improved on the framing and quality of their photos. I am hopeful they will be on top of their game very soon!


Private adventure/photo tour to Madidi N.P., Chalalan Lodge, Lake Titicaca, Salar de Uyuni and Potosi: Oct 22 – Nov 6, 2011

Hi Serge,
Thanks for the great trip. I think everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. I was super happy that you had so much patience and spent so much time with the photogs and gave them a great education. I learned a lot and I’ve been doing this for years. I’m downloading as I have time here cause it’s d**n busy coming home to lots of mail etc. I also ordered Light Room yesterday.

Thanks amigo!

Note from Sergio: Steve lives in MN and is a pretty darn good photographer in his own right.

Private reconnaissance photo tour: September 30-October 20, 2011

The trip was great, Jaime was a great guide and I think I made some of the best pictures of my life in Laguna Colorada! We will talk more about a group for next year.


Note from Sergio: Samuel lives in France and was doing a 21-day reconnaissance trip throughout the Altiplano before bringing a tour group to Bolivia in 2012 to travel with us.

Private photo tour: March 1-9, 2011

Hi Sergio,
This was definitely a really amazing trip, and Javier’s an awesome guide. I knew you were checking in, as you called at one point when we had just gotten our pizza (which was quite good, as you said).

The salt flats were so funny between the wind and then the miners removing all but one of the piles. I’d definitely like to get back sometime to have another shot at them. I’ve attached a couple shots from the one pile left on the lake with the rainbow we had. I’ll post a full gallery within the next few days.

I think in general, the service was excellent (esp when the car broke, and 2 drivers and a mechanic came to Laguna Colorada to fix it) and everything went really well. Regardless, I appreciate your help, and I’m very glad I found you and we got this setup!


Note from Sergio: Josh lives near San Francisco, CA

Private photo tour to the colonial cities of Bolivia: April 28 – May 4, 2011

Hola Sergio,
My wife and I were very impressed by the thoroughness of the planning for our trip. We had plenty of solid information to help us plan a trip to a place we were not sure had the amenities we would have liked on a regular basis. But, as you said, there were great hotels and tasty food everywhere we went. The Sunday market in Tarabuco was one of our favorite places to visit for sure and we were both transported back to colonial Spain when we spent a couple of nights at Hostal Cayara in Potosi. We could both see spending a lot of time in Sucre in the future, you know, enjoying life…Wow, what an experience!

We both send our love and thanks!

Todd and Jennifer

Note from Sergio: They were a retired couple that wanted to have a relaxed but educational trip visiting the colonial cities of Bolivia. They live in NYC.

Private photo tour across the Altiplano: March 15-21, 2011

Dear Sergio,
Just a quick note from Patagonia (it’s as windy as they say!) to let you know we had a pretty fun time with Jose. He was funny and entertaining and a great guide too. We learned some nice photo tips from him while running around the dusty Altiplano. We fared better than our cameras though, next time I will listen to you and bring a plastic bag, just in case. We are headed to get a cup of hot mate, this wind is too much! Thanks for a great trip and all your planning. Very cool.

Best wishes,
Jason and Sarah and little Timmy

Note from Sergio: They were a family traveling around South America on sabbatical and were not sure their car could handle the rough roads of the Altiplano so they booked a trip with us and they were glad they did!


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