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Global photo tours to breathtaking lands led by expert photographers

Chile: Portraits of Patagonia (5 Days)

This photographic journey is led by professional photographer and author; Sergio Ballivian, offering a superb teaching and learning...

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Bolivia: Flooded Salar de Uyuni – A Wet Season Mirror (7 Days)

There are few places in this world where we go to time and time again, year after year, and never get tired of it. That place is the Salar...

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Bolivia: Ancient Andean Highlands (7 Days)

This photographic journey is led by Sergio Ballivian offering a superb teaching and learning workshop. It is specifically designed to...

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Bolivia: Altiplano Salt Flats, Volcanoes & Badlands – 14 Days

This adventurous 4×4 overland photo workshop is designed to get into the heart and soul of the Bolivian Altiplano, focusing on the wild...

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Bolivia: Apolobamba – The Kallawaya Trail (12 Days)

There are countless of locations in the Bolivian highlands that merit a visit. In our opinion one of the most impressive and least-visited...

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Bolivia: Madidi National Park & Wildlife at Chalalan Lodge (7 Days)

Bolivia’s Madidi National Park is known for having one of the most biologically diversity protected areas in the world. It shares a few...

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