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Global photo tours to breathtaking lands led by expert photographers

About SPT

Thank you for coming by and looking around.  After four decades of making photos and being blessed with some creative magic, I am reaching out to you with the aim of helping you create some of your own photo magic.  While pursuing adventures to many corners of this globe it’s clear to me many people also want to do the same thing that I’ve had the fortune of doing most of my life.  I know that life gets in the way of life, but life is short, you must make some of your dreams a reality!


Early morning sunrise mixes shadows with the warm colors of the


I have always been a traveler; many decades ago I married my two loves – traveling and photography and have kept the fire alive.  It keeps getting stronger every day, especially with the quick technological advances nowadays.  With those advances there are also pitfalls and things can get complicated quickly.  Part of what I offer is guidance on how to use your equipment, how to deal with the digital asset management as well as the most basic or complex photo challenges.

I facilitate the day-to-day logistics to make sure you capture those special moments that fancy your eye.  My job is to prepare you for the journey, to take care of you while on tour and to put you at the best possible location, at the optimum time and make sure you are ready for what will happen in front of your eyes. There is a lot that happens before a picture is made; technical knowledge, choosing the right tool for the job, practice, preparation, anticipation and uniting it all to give life to your vision. Your viewfinder is your canvass and your responsibility…I am here to fully support that effort.




Within these pages you will find a nice variety of tours that I have designed from the ground-up by doing them in person and sorting out all the details already.  This has taken over four decades of effort which makes me eminently qualified to be your guide on an upcoming photo journey.  As you can see in the summary of photo tours, I have my favorite geographical areas that I cover extensively, ones which I will clearly say that I am very well versed and acquainted with.  Unabashedly, I do call myself an expert in Bolivia (I was born in La Paz) and I have the photos to prove it and the extensive logistical knowledge to make just about anything happen there.  While always expanding my horizons I have also been to Peru, Nepal and New Zealand as well as all over the United States, Canada and Central and South America.  I work with locals that I know personally and have travelled with them on scouting trips and they have it wired too.  Future workshops will include Patagonia in Chile and Argentina and the Colorado Plateau.  That is one of the reasons, among many, why you should consider joining me and the other professional photographers on the team on an upcoming adventure to Bolivia, Peru, Nepal or New Zealand in 2015.

The purpose of Sergio Photo Tours is to blend two loves – travel and photography

Personally I live to travel and to make images that remind me of the grand landscape, the moments when an animal is at peace with me and the moment when a smile from a stranger breaks the ice and we all join in a celebration of life. I know of no better teacher than travel and I cherish the images I captured that make me smile or reflect on something special.  When work takes over your life…it’s time to stop and change your ride.  I handle the minutia of eating, sleeping, driving and all logistics while you enjoy some fresh air, meet new amigos and return home refreshed and invigorated and realize that the experiences in life are all that matter. It all boils down to basics. When you have that sorted out the rest of life will fall neatly into place.




Get in touch and let’s talk about a trip of a lifetime that may change your direction and give back in more ways than can be measured in gold coins. I look forward to speaking with you and showing you some of my favorite places around the world.

I wish you peaceful photographic journeys,

~Sergio Ballivian


Informal roads on the Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.